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Circus Of The Dead Torrent !!LINK!!

A bunch of circus clowns kidnap a guy, kill his wife, and hold his children hostage to ensure his compliance as they bring him along on a killing spree.First, the good stuff.Technical work is proficient. No notable problems with editing or sound. Lighting is dark, but most likely was intentional. It was nice to learn about the existence of the strange arcade game, Gals Panic.Second, the bad stuff.The movie doesn't have that much in way of plot or development of anything. It's one violent encounter into the next. It's mostly an exercise in testing the viewer limits. I don't have resistance to that in particular - after all, I was able to watch this without issue.But there seems to be a breakdown in understanding what makes thing scary. We should care about the captive, and his children. Without time spent developing him and giving him character, the movie amounts to a big shrug.The budget limitations are mostly apparent with the lack of any other acts at the "circus". There are extras for an audience, but there only seems to be a ringmaster.There are a handful of movies that seem to be influences. In particular, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Devil's Rejects. And for some reason, I'm reminded of Bloodsucking Freaks.By the end of this, the viewer is left wondering where the story was. For a movie that runs over an hour and a half, with the lack of development, the whole thing could have been trimmed down to about 30-40 minutes without much loss to how effective it is.Why am I bothering to write this review? Because the 5.9 on iMDB right now is seriously misleading. Even for fans of pushing horror to extremes would be disappointed.

Circus of the Dead torrent

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It appears that the creators of KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child know which side their scary clown-flavoured bread is buttered on, as the game features a great number of clowns, all of them mean, macabre and intent on eviscerating you at the earliest opportunity. In fact, as the game's title suggests, KISS Psycho Circus takes place in a strange realm inhabited by evil clowns and other creatures from some weird, twisted circus which itself is under the control of a strange being called the Nightmare Child - and only you, playing as the members of rock group KISS can save it from being totally corrupted. Although, given the total weirdness of the Psycho Circus world, it's doubtful anyone would notice the difference.

There are indeed plenty of monsters lining up to fight you, enough to make your quest to kill the Nightmare Child quite hard indeed. There are no enemies that are unique to a particular realm; instead, you encounter one or two new enemies on each realm as well as bumping into all the ones you dealt with in the previous realm. The real cannon fodder of the game are the "Headless": creepy crablike creatures which are, er, headless, and have rather nasty slashing claws but can be eliminated quite easily. Then there are the fire-spitting dog creatures that are still easy to take out but can be tricky given their ability to gob on you from a distance. Then there are the other circus psychos like cannon ball-hurling strongmen, half-spider half-clown Arachniclowns, Fat Ladies and a whole host of other really freaky monsters, including the Nightmare Child himself who has clearly seen John Carpenter's The Thing.

After a spate of murders, the villagers of Schtettel kill the depraved perpetrator, Count Mitterhouse. Fifteen years later the Circus of Nights appeared in the plague-ridden village and its performers include Mitterhouse's mistress, children and cousins. They have come to Schtettel to fulfil the Count's last words, an evil, vicious curse of death and destruction on those who participated in his impaling. The children of Schtettel become the targets for a brutal and devastating revenge as the Vampire Circus rehearses for its most deadly performance.

There are things about Vampire Circus there are loads of fun, particularly its determinedly edgy sexuality, which eagerly encompasses bestiality, incest, and pedophilia, to name but three. Its best moments are right in the sweet spot of unhinged and ferociously carnal (in her review, Cupcake links to a particularly wild example, and this review does an amazing job of expressing what it feels like to watch the good parts of this exuberantly transgressive feast), and they show that the magic of Hammer was far from dead, even as late as 1972.

Interesting plot about a vampire's revenge on the people in the village that drove a stake through his heart plus quite stylish as well, something about carrying out vengeance by luring the children of the village and dripping blood on the impaled vampire's body which kind of evaporates, accomplished through a mysterious circus that arrives at the village, lead in by a sinister dwarf. It's the gothic mix of plague, vampirism, and sexy eroticism of Hammer's last films.


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