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Whizzer Engine Serial Numbers

The 1940 Model E engine used an aluminum head and added a dipstick to check the engine oil level. The E had caged roller bearing, an improved Breene-Taylor carb, improved magneto ignition, hotter camshaft as well as a few other improvements. The Model D was estimated at 300 units sold and the Model E at 1500 units. During the war, Whizzers were available to only people involved in defense work. In 1943 Whizzer introduced the "New Model" which was the F, for wartime service. The New Model made 2 1/2 horsepower and replaced the roller drive with belt drive. This include a clutch of sorts. A lever released or engaged the drive pulley. The large pulley bolted to the spokes of the wheel with small clamps. This was the drive system that Whizzer used until the end. After the New Model came the Model F with a larger motorcycle-type fuel tank (1.2 gallon). The Model F sold just over 4,000 units. The Model H engine was introduced in the summer of 1946. The Model H replaced the split crankcase with a one-piece casting cum side cover. The crankshaft used roller bearings at one end and big ball bearing on the other, with insert rod bearings. Seals and tappets were much more reliable and the lubrication was by splash and spray and the Tillotson carb replaced the earlier unit. The exhaust pipe curved forward and around instead of straight back. The H used a different Whizzer logo fuel tank decal, H serial number and twist off gas cap. Reliability and performance were much improved.

Whizzer engine serial numbers

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The "H" engine came out in March, 1946. It has a low fin head with the spark plug leaning towards the left side. The serial numbers run from H 501 thru H 140 000. (139,000 engines) The gas tank is plain silver/gray with a yellow decal on each side, and the compression release and throttle control are two thumb controls mounted on the right handlebar. The clutch lever is on the left handlebar. The carburetor is a Tillotson ML-5B. The valves are 3/4 inch in diameter. The crankcase holds 6 oz. of oil. The engine develops a whopping 2.5 horsepower.

The "J" engine was introduced in May of 1948. The external appearance is similar to the "H", except that the carburetor in most cases is a Carter "N". The tank is embossed WHIZZER on both sides, and the controls are motorcycle type twist grips. The serial numbers run J200,000 up to J252 +++, about 52, 000 engines more or less a few. There is an additional fin (5) on the cylinder at the valve body, and the fins on the cylinder are slightly larger. The intake manifold appears somewhat shorter and larger than on the "H", although that may be due to the larger fins. The valves are also 3/4 inch in diameter. The "J" also holds 6 oz of oil and is a 2.5 hp engine.


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