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Bovine ephemeral fever has been described in many tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world (Figure 1). It is enzootic and seasonally epizootic in Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, usually not extending beyond a zone limited by the latitudes if 38N to 36S [6, 66]. Epizootics commonly move northwards or southwards in a wave-like fashion, commencing in tropical enzootic foci in the spring or early summer and subsiding in autumn (Figure 3). Although BEFV is believed to exist as a single serotype, phylogenetic studies using G gene ectodomain sequences have shown that the available BEFV isolates cluster geographically into 3 lineages: East Asia, Australia and the Middle East [2, 3, 8, 18, 32] (Figure 4). The G gene is a useful genotyping marker as it displays reliable alignment with adequate sequence variation to obtain precision and resolution, and the absence of genetic recombination suggests it is likely to be is representative of the entire genome. However, genotype analyses to date have been based on limited sampling from most regions and there are no sequences available for BEFV isolates from Africa or countries in Central, South or South-East Asia.

Peter Fever Peter Le My Date Is Late.mp4



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