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Danna Atl Bad Boy Video Download 15

The keys, foam cage, and police costume are all part of a high-production "escape room" challenge video, which, like many other videos on the channel, feature Diana and Roma playing with elaborate, colorful props and confidently speaking to the camera as they complete tasks.

Danna Atl Bad Boy Video Download 15

They told Insider they enjoyed watching their young children play and interact, so they kept "video memories," posting short clips of the children, who were aged two and one at the time, on YouTube starting in 2015, so family members could stay up to date on their growth.

"We didn't really know anything about YouTube at the time. We were just looking for a good trustworthy platform where we could upload our videos and make sure that they would not get lost," they said.

Over time, Olena and Volodymyr started to notice that other people were posting videos about their children on family-vlogging channels, where parents typically share behind-the-scenes footage showing what raising kids is like.

The parents said they decided to start tailoring their videos toward an external audience by editing them and making them look more professional. They began posting vlog-style content about their children on separate channels, called Kids Diana Show and Kids Roma Show.

The parents and children spoke Russian in videos on the channel posted from 2015 to 2016, and they said their audience was largely made up of Russian-speaking people in countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Then in 2016, Kids Diana Show hit a million subscribers, and Olena and Volodymyr decided to pursue YouTube full-time. In 2018, they began to target a more global audience by captioning their videos in English and speaking in English more during filming.

While the Kids Diana Show channel, which is targeted at English-speaking viewers, currently has 100 million subscribers, the Kidisyuks also have tens of millions of followers on alternative channels, where their videos have been translated and dubbed into 20 other languages.

While Olena and Volodymyr started out on YouTube by filming and editing all their videos themselves, they said they've since hired a five-person team and also work with freelancers to help them produce content across their many channels.

"If Diana wants to stop shooting videos for small kids when she becomes a teenager, and maybe wants to start doing something more adult, then that's okay, we're ready to take that chance and launch a new channel," they said, adding, "If either of them wants to terminate their YouTube career, and want to become an engineer or do some other profession, we are open to that as well. This is their choice, and we do not want to push them."

The parents also told Insider that in the event that Diana and Roma wanted to stop making videos, they would also consider rebranding their channel to center around their youngest child, Oliver, who is currently a year old.

There are also growing concerns around the way in which videos starring children might serve child predators, through YouTube's automated recommendation system that suggests what viewers should watch next based on previous searches.

In 2019, Wired reported that a network of child predators was organizing in the comments sections under videos where children could be seen in partially exposed clothing. YouTube disabled comments on kids' content that same year as a safeguarding measure.

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