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Share Experience to Read European Football Odds: Simple and Easy for Beginners

European football odds, also known as 1x2 odds, are a popular type of bet alongside Asian odds. Therefore, understanding how to play good football tips how to read European football odds has garnered significant interest from bettors, especially those who are football enthusiasts and passionate about betting.

Introduction to European Football Odds

In the direct odds betting table of reputable bookmakers, European odds are denoted by 1x2. This type of odds is offered by bookmakers to determine which team is stronger or weaker. Therefore, when analyzing European odds, bettors need to focus on the match outcome rather than the score. European odds apply to either the whole match or the first half with the following three betting options:

A bet on the home team to win.

A bet on the two teams to draw.

A bet on the away team to win.

Overall, compared to other types of bets, European odds are relatively easy to understand.

Simple Guide to Reading European Football Odds for Beginners

As mentioned, European odds, also known as 1x2 odds, represent three betting options. These odds are simple to read, making them suitable for those new to football betting. Below is a guide to reading European football odds with the symbols found in the bookmaker's odds table.

FT.1X2 (Full time 1x2) means European odds for the entire match.

1H.1X2 (First Half 1x2) means European odds for the first half.

1 represents the upper hand team (home team).

X is the bet for the two teams to draw.

2 is the bet for the underdog team (away team).

Typically, in the odds table, the upper hand team is the home team, and the underdog team is the away team. Meanwhile, the third row represents a draw. The winning probability when analyzing European odds is about 33.33%, which is quite reasonable for both new and experienced bettors.

An Example to Understand European Football Odds Better:

A match between Blackburn and Preston with odds on the bookmaker's table of 2.70: 2.65: 3.30.

2.70 Odds for the upper hand team: If the upper hand team, Blackburn, wins by a 2-goal difference, the bettor wins. The payout is calculated at odds of 2.70.

2.65 Odds for the underdog team to win: If the underdog team, Preston, wins by 2 goals, the bettor wins, with the payout calculated at odds of 2.65.

3.30 Odds for a draw: If the result is a draw with 2 goals, the bettor wins with a payout at odds of 3.30. Conversely, if there is a winner, the bet is lost.

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Experience in Betting on European Football Odds for Easy Wins

Winning at European football betting odds doesn't rely solely on luck. You also need to consult the expertise and experience of industry professionals and experts.

Ensure You Understand How to Read European Football Odds Before placing a bet, you must understand how to read European football odds. This knowledge allows you to make informed choices in selecting bets and calculating potential winnings if you win. Without this understanding, your chances of losing are significantly higher than winning. Therefore, before applying any betting tips, start with the basics.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker for European Odds Betting Choosing the right bookmaker to place your bets with is crucial. You should seek out a top-rated, reputable, and professional bookmaker for European odds betting. Such bookmakers ensure full payout of winnings and use advanced technology to secure your betting information. This is one of the most critical conditions for winning when betting on European odds.

Select the Right Timing for Placing European Football Bets When betting on European odds, you should analyze the odds and place your bets 3 to 5 days before the match. This is an ideal timeframe because bookmakers are less likely to change the odds significantly. This increases your chances of winning when betting on European odds. Remember, avoid placing bets just before the match starts, as it's easy to fall into bookmakers' traps. The likelihood is high that bookmakers will frequently change the odds, making it difficult for you to keep up.

Gather Information and Analyze the Match Situation Before analyzing and betting on a match, spend time gathering relevant information. Specifically, consider factors such as team performance, participating players, and the coach's strategy. Additionally, keep an eye on the odds provided by the bookmakers before and during the match. This vigilance helps you avoid unexpected and uncontrollable changes made by the bookmakers.

Reading European football odds isn't too complicated, making it suitable for beginners. You just need to analyze the odds and choose between Win, Draw, or Loss. Moreover, don’t forget to refer to the experiences soccer tips website of seasoned bettors to increase your chances of winning.

However, the most important factor is to choose a reputable bookmaker for European odds betting. Without this, even if you win, you won't receive your winnings.


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