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Star One Serial Special Squad Episodes

Special squad is an fictional elite investigative arm of Mumbai Police framed by commissioner of Mumbai Police. The contemporary, modern and incorruptible panel of investigating officers and forensic experts are led by Assistant Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Aryan Khanna (role played by Bhanu Uday).The show is a mixture of conclusion, detection, gritty subject matter focus and character-oriented drama. In this TV show, every episode starts with a new crime case. The TV series so far had fifty-two episodes telecasted. It came to an end after the culminated death of Aryan Khanna the ACP.

Star One Serial Special Squad Episodes

Apart from the character discussed, there are some more character. Ajay-Boxer played by Pankit Thakker & Iqbal Azad respectively, are kind of buddy cop. They bring some moments of gags in between. Ajay is also flirting with the Neha played by Manava Naik, a computer expert at Special Squad. Than there is Dr. Ved played by Paritosh Sand as the head of the forensic department. He also have a past due to which he has to betray Aryan for Raja. He also have a daughter murdered in 5th episode, who also is special squad trainee. Than there is Vineet Sabharwal as Papaji or Jogi ji, as an assistant to Dr. Ved. He is an alcoholic, but dedicated member. Than came Raj Banarjee as Shotgun is a print specialist. He is kind of proud or egoistic. There is Farzil as photographer

"Can't Be Held Accountable" will see Nicholas Turturro reprise his role as Detective Frank Bucci, who, now retired from the NYPD, comes to the SVU squad for help when he suspects his two daughters are being groomed by serial predator Steve Getz, played by none other than Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser.

Tasked with hunting down a serial killer known as the Woodsman, Benson and Detective Chester Lake (played by Adam Beach, an SVU detective for two seasons) enlist the help of an FBI agent, Lauren Cooper (guest star Erika Christensen). However, as the case progresses, cracks begin to appear in Cooper's tough veneer, and her true relationship to the case is revealed.

"Liberties" is one of 23 episodes directed by Oscar-winning director Juan José Campanella, a man who has no lack of experience crafting eerie plotlines. Campanella is the mastermind behind creepy crime-based mysteries such as "The Secret in Their Eyes" and "Cannibals." In this episode, Detective Stabler gets a strange request from a judge to interview the convicted serial killer he just put away, and to find the judge's long-lost son, who was kidnapped 30 years ago. These cases end up being connected in the most unsuspecting way.

Harley Quinn premiered on DC Universe on November 29, 2019.[23] The first season started airing on Syfy on May 3, 2020.[24] The series airs on Adult Swim in Canada, with new episodes airing a week after their American premiere.[25] The series started airing on E4 in the United Kingdom and Ireland on May 7, 2020.[26]

Law & Order: SVU is one of the longest-running crime drama series on television. With a whopping 22 seasons on the air, there have been many memorable storylines and crimes that fans can't forget. Some storylines had fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation, while the saddest SVU episodes had fans ugly crying. The show centers around sexual crimes and special victims, meaning there have been some episodes that are hard to get through. The show gives fans a riveting look into a brutal reality while also making them invested in the stories of its main characters. In the show's time, fans can easily recall storylines that left them in heartbreak.

Updated on August 11th, 2022, by Shawn S. Lealos: Law & Order: SVU has been on the air now for 23 seasons, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The series is now the longest-running in the franchise, even with the original returning to the air, and it is also the one that can be hardest to watch for many fans. That is because the victims here are either sexual assault victims or children, and this can cause the tears to start flowing with some of the saddest SVU episodes leaving little room for faith in humanity. With 516 episodes of the series to choose from, there are plenty that ranks high in sadness factor, and many that most viewers won't want to watch more than once.

Detective Munch was the lead investigator in the Law & Order: SVU episode "Remorse" where he was investigating the rape of a famous television journalist. Jennifer Esposito guest starred as the victim, Sarah, who discusses the assault on TV. After Munch finds one of the rapists, he refuses to back down until both criminals are brought to justice. However, Much ends up shaken to the core when someone kills Sarah via a bomb in her apartment. When someone then kills one of the rapists with a bomb as well, it turns out that the murders have nothing to do with the rape, making this one of the more nihilistic and saddest SVU episodes.

"Dolls" was a fourth-season episode and one of the saddest SVU episodes that season. The death itself was horrifying, with a five-year-old girl found dead. Benson and Tutuola then head out on a hunt to find the serial kidnapper before he can kill again. The entire idea of a killer murdering young children is sad enough, but then the killer is lost himself. He was abused as a child and is kidnapping children that he believes have unfit mothers, believing he is protecting the children. David Harbour of Stranger Things guest stars as the kidnapper.

"Uncle" was a season 8 episode that gave fans more insight into Munch's family, and it was one of the saddest SVU episodes. The squad investigates the rape and murder of a mother and daughter and a homeless man becomes their main suspect. However, the homeless man turns out to be Munch's uncle, Andrew (Jerry Lewis). Andrew had a mental breakdown when he arrived in New York months prior, leaving him homeless and unaware of who he is. As Andrew is no longer a suspect, the squad begins to focus on someone else, but they have insufficient evidence to convict. Fans felt remorse as Munch's uncle takes justice into his own hands and goes too far. Realizing his grave mistake, Andrew instead takes the option to go to a psychiatric hospital to seek treatment for his illness. Fans felt sad for Munch and his predicament.

The case of an infant gone missing was the hardest case Barba ever had to face and ultimately left him to make a hard decision. The missing infant has mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome effect, leaving the squad and parents to fight over a right-to-die case. Barba becomes heavily invested in the case and the morals surrounding it. The mother wants her child to die peacefully, but unable to make the tough decision, Barba decides to do it for her. Barba goes to trial but fights his case and in the end, Barba decides to resign from his career altogether, stating that the world has become too heinous to stomach, and was unfair after one of the saddest SVU episodes in history.


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