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Rp Vyas Process Control.pdf

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Rp Vyas Process Control.pdf

Process Control In almost all industrial process applications, control of process variables is critical to the safe and efficient operationWhat is Process Control ?First we need to understand what process control is and what are the important technical terms and parameters involve inLimit Switches AnimationPlease enable JavaScript

For industrial application, exploration of novel CDA hyper producers with further optimization of production process is of utmost importance. But most of the research carried out so far has been related to the purification and characterization of CDA. Optimization of processing parameters plays an important role in the development of any fermentation process owing to their impact on the economy and efficacy of the process. The conventional approach of optimizing one-factor-at-a-time is laborious, time-consuming, and cannot provide the information on mutual interactions of the variables on the desired outcome. On the other hand, statistical experimental designs provide a systematic and efficient plan for experimentation to achieve certain goals so that many factors can be simultaneously studied (Bas and Boyaci 2007). Statistical data analysis allows visualization of the interactions among several experimental variables by carrying out a limited number of experiments, leading to the prediction of data in the areas not directly covered by experimentation. Response surface methodology (RSM) is proved to be an important tool to study the effect of both the primary factors and their mutual interactions on the response to determine the optimal conditions. The statistical programs create several classes of response surface designs. Among these, central composite design (CCD) is the most popular as it is very much flexible and allows sequential run of large number of experiments (Montgomery 2000).


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