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One-cclick Unbrick Tools |WORK|

By this point in time, if you have been a member of this site for longer than a couple of years, you have witnessed rather complicated processes such as rooting and flashing, turned into easy 1 click procedures. These are normally fool proof and will let you get the most out of your devices while saving you a few hours of reading. However, there is always a risk of bricking your device. This is a time for you to sit down with a good cup of coffee and start reading because unbricking is a fairly complicated procedure that may require special hardware to get it accomplished (JTAG). It looks like this is a thing of the past for Captivate owners because XDA Recognized Developer AdamOutler just released a 1 click unbricking tool. The application is actually part of his Heimdall's project and seems to work very well for various platforms including Linux.

One-cclick Unbrick Tools

The following guide shows how you can find out if your phone is bricked, and if it is, what brick form it is and how to unbrick Android phone of yours. It covers everything you need to know about various bricks of Android based phones and tablets.

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android is a one click unbrick tool for Android that helps you fix your soft bricked Android phones and tablets. It resolves the issues related with the core system that in turn fixes all other issues on your phone. It can be useful when your device shows the following symptoms.

When you are flashing a custom ROM, your Android phone will keep rebooting. This is because you forget to wipe all the data or cache of the previous ROM. The following is how to unbrick Android with this method.

Our guide above shows how to unbrick Android without recovery and with recovery so you can fix your phones regardless of how they are bricked: soft bricked, hard bricked or broken. We hope it really helps you out. If your Android phone stuck on recovery mode, headphone mode, bootloop, etc. ReiBoot for Android is really a professional Android fix software for you.

hi there.. im having a hard time fixing my phones. the 1st 1 is my huawei y600 u20. one day it just suddenly stuck on logo so i decided to flash it using sp flash tools.succesful. the flower logo change into huawei ascend logo. and after a month it suddenly shut down and when i tried to turn it on again its just stuck on huawei ascend logo and i tried flashing again but nothing happens. flashing is succesfull but no good result. another is my lenovo a516. its not charging and i cant even turn it on. hope u can help me.. thanks

You can use One Click Unbrick Software to help you fix the problem. As its name says, this program is a special tool to unbrick the bricked mobile phones and make them usable. To use it to unbrick your Samsung, you need to:

If your Samsung S7/6/5/4, Note 5/4/3 or Samsung Tab keeps rebooting when you are flashing a new ROM, it is probably because that you forgot to wipe all data of the previous ROM. Now you need to wipe all data in recovery mode to unbrick the device.

If the above methods fail or you find it too troublesome to follow the above steps, you can turn to Android one-click unbrick tool like Broken Android Data Extraction (opens new window). Don't get confused by its name. The program can actually extract data from screen-broken device as well as fixing bricked device in one click. It supports Samsung device including:

Method 1 is effective for bricked device that is stuck at boot loop, but may not fix bricked device with other symptoms. Method 2 can unbrick devices with different symptoms, however, you may find it too complicated. Method 3 is effective and straight-forward but you should make sure that your Samsung device is supported by Broken Android Data Extraction.

Most likely, you're soft bricked, and you'll see something like the image above. While the differences in how various devices work make it hard to come up with a catch-all solution to unbrick Android, there are four common tricks you can try to get yourself back on track:

Chances are, you already have most of the tools you need to unbrick your phone. They're the same tools you used to root your device and flash ROMs, so you should already be familiar with how they work. Even so, double-check before you begin.

If your attempts at unbricking Android have failed so far, the nuclear option is to re-flash a factory image. This restores the phone to its original state and will wipe your internal storage as well as everything else. It'll also unroot your phone.

What you need is a way to unbrick your phone (say, Samsung Captivate) with just a snap of your fingers. Fortunately for you, this is now very possible, thanks to recognized XDA developer AdamOutler. The app is named OneClick Unbrick and can be downloaded from this XDA forum thread.

One Click Unbrick software, as the name suggests, is a software to unbrick your soft brick Samsung phone in just a single click and make it usable once again. You can click here to download OneClick Unbrick software.

"Samsung brick problem can be solved " comes as a respite for many and the two methods explained above are beneficial for the said purpose. A brick Samsung phone can be fixed and is extremely easy to do so. Examine the issue well and then choose from the solutions given above. Although flashing a new ROM is not a very cumbersome technique but with the introduction of the One Click Unbrick download software, many users prefer it over all other fixes since it performs its function of unbricking your brick Samsung phone in just a click. This software is safe and does not result in any kind of loss in data. So go ahead and try it out now and see the difference yourself.

I was just sitting her thinking... I know alot of ya'll still haven't gotten your phones unbricked. I guess I'm blessed that mine finally got reactivated but I find my self ticked off because it has to reload all of my music and such... Its taking forever and all I want to do is just go back to bed. But I can't do that because my phone is my alarm clock. But I guess it could be worse... I could still be sitting here with a bricked phone.

(Amusingly enough, at least one of these devices is designed to self-destruct after use, meaning that large organizations need to buy as many as they have printers for. I'm always amused when I see security features in security bypass tools.)

Preparing the test systems in something of a hurry after several recent tests overran, we found the set-up process to be rather more painful than usual, mainly thanks to the need to apply two service packs separately from the media to hand. With this done, and the resulting clutter mopped up, we made the usual minor tweaks to the systems, installing a handful of useful tools, setting up the networking and desktop to our liking and so on, before taking snapshots of the systems and moving on to preparing the sample sets. 350c69d7ab


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