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Dirk Jamaal
Dirk Jamaal

Heaven (Casteel Saga)

Praise for Viginia Andrews: 'Beautifully written, macabre and thoroughly nasty! it is evocative of the nasty fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood and The Babes in the Wood, with a bit of Victorian Gothic thrown in. ! What does shine through is her ability to see the world through a child's eyes' Daily Express 'Makes horror irresistible' Glasgow Sunday Mail 'A gruesome saga! the storyline is compelling, many millions have no wish to put this down' Ms London 'There is strength in her books -- the bizarre plots matched with the pathos of the entrapped' The Times

Heaven (Casteel Saga)

In the third installment of the saga, Heaven (Annalise Basso), is married and has settled into her new life in her hometown. But during a trip to Farthinggale Manor, her grandfather encourages to her stay. Unfortunately, ghosts from her past threaten her happy new life.

In the final film of the saga, we go back to the beginning with a prequel. All the mysteries surrounding Heaven's mother, Leigh (Jennifer LaPorte) are finally revealed. And the beautifully tragic love story between Leigh and Luke Casteel Sr unfolds. 076b4e4f54


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